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Tax Season 2022

We are so grateful to have you as a client for another tax season.  This tax season we are pleased to continue offering both telephonic and in-person appointments.  Please contact us at 714-245-0050 to schedule your appointment.  Please note that for telephonic appointments we will need to be provided with all you pertinent tax documents before we can schedule your appointment.

We believe that not only is it our job to gain your trust when we prepare your income taxes, but it is also our responsibility to provide you with the knowledge necessary for you and your family to make the best decisions in the new tax season.  We’ve provided some valuable information for your review prior to your income tax preparation appointment in 2023.  Please feel free to review this information and ask any of our knowledgeable preparers any questions when you come in for you appointment this year.

Where is my refund?

The IRS has provided a helpful tool to find out what the status of your refund is.  Please allow up to two weeks for the IRS to process your refund if it was filed electronically.  There are certain circumstances where your return may take longer than two weeks, though.  if you have waited more than three weeks and have not received your refund, please fee free to contact us to look into the matter.  The link to the “Where is my Refund” page provided by the IRS can be found below: